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    In your everyday life or your intimate moments, choose FBS Nation’s underwear.

    Even though it’s hidden under layers of clothes, underwear is a must-have. Can you imagine a day without panties? And exercising is no exception. That’s why besides our fitness accessories you also need to check out our women’s underwear line.

    FBS Nation offers bra and pantie sets for women with your profile: extremely dynamic, but also feminine. Check out our underwear catalogue and find out why they are perfect for your active daily life and for your intimate moments.

    Sports underwear: because your intimacy deserves beauty and comfort.

    Every underwear even when it’s not showing, is the base over which all the other clothes will be. So, for them to fit well, it’s not just about the right size. With that in mind, FBS Nation has developed an underwear line with styles and colors that always enhance your look. A good example of that is the sports bra.

    Romantic and sexy, with FBS Nation’s sports bras.

    The main function of a sports bra is to give comfort while providing support. But why stop there? With FBS Nation’s sports bra you will feel sexy and romantic all the time. More than just enhancing your chest area, this item will upgrade your whole look, as much as our swimsuits for example. Choose from the many different styles available only here in our online store.

    Women’s underwear with details to make you look even better.

    Each detail in FBS Nation’s underwear line was thought to be practical, while also being beautiful and comfortable. Our product designers have thought of everything, mainly of you. For example, the design of our panties and bras is stunning, with beautiful lace detailing.

    Your comfort is also upgraded with FBS Nation’s bras and panties.

    Since underwear is directly in touch with your skin, under all other layers of clothes you wear, its touch should be soft and nice. That’s why besides being elegante and sexy, it must also be very comfortable. But how can FBS Nation bring that to your underwear?

    All the lightness and softness of the women’s underwear on your body.

    Comparing any underwear piece with FBS Nation’s, you’re buying products specially designed for your comfort. Made of 90% polyamide and 10% spandex, our bras and panties are lightweight, have a soft touch and fit well to your body.

    Neo Comfort line: complete underwear sets

    Bras and panties from the Neo Comfort line make complete and beautiful sets of bras and panties to make you look even more beautiful. With them you can create a beautiful intimate look and not interfere with your clothes (by showing visible lines). And as always, your comfort is also upgraded by these items.

    The items on the Neo Comfort Line are also made of polyamide and spandex. The result is a soft and natural feeling in contact with your skin. Besides that, the bras have elastic and adjustable straps making them more comfortable. Check out the Neo Comfort line and feel even more romantic, beautiful and sexy.

    Why buy sports bras and other options at FBS Nation?

    • Variety of options: panties, bras, workout shirts and much more for you to look beautiful and healthy.
    • Resistance and durability: FBS Nation only uses the best materials (such as neoprene) to make its products.
    • Protection and comfort: with sports bras and other accessories from FBS Nation, you can exercise in the correct and healthy way.
    • Practical and stylish: All FBS Nation’s products are designed to make your life easier and your look more interesting.